Presentation Handouts

Welcome, Introductions, and Overview
Sue Anderson – Director of Professional Development Department ESU#3
Jeff Ingraham - 21st Century Skill Fair Coordinator

Video Keynote: “The 21st Century is Now”
Dr. Doug Christensen, Commissioner Nebraska Department of Education
Follow-up Comments by Mike Kozak Director, Learning Technologies NDE

“Walking the Talk of 21st Century Learning” – ESU#3 PDD Staff
Janet Foss, Pat Geary, Jeff Ingraham, Pam Krambeck, Bill Menousek, Debbie Schraeder, Sheree Person-Pandil, Linda Peters, John Thomsen

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Station 1 - Learning 2.0/Web 2.0

Station 2 - Real Knowledge in a Google Era

Station 3 - A New Kind of Literacy

Station 4 - What it means to be a Global Student

Mr. Cris Fishback – Westside High School
A Whole New World in the World Language Classroom: Thank You Technology!

Dr. Neal Grandgenett (UNO), Dr. Bing Chen (PKI), and Dr. Elliott Ostler (PKI)
Robotics and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in K-12 Education)

Tom Allen and Michael Osborne – Texas Instruments Corporation
Data Collection using Texas Instruments

Dr. Lynne Herr – Educational Service Unit #6
New Literacy Skills for K-12 Students

Pam Krambeck and Linda Peters ESU#3
Web 2.0 Ideafest Learning and Innovation Skills

Troy Schutte – Elkhorn High School
Developing an On-line Course at the High School Level

Ray Keller and Josh Allen
YouTube and Blogger in the Classroom…for Educational Purposes and

John Thomson – Educational Service Unit #3
Collaborative Learning Projects

Dr. Becky Pasco – University of Nebraska At Omaha
A New Kind of Literacy

Nicki Noordhoek and Dan Davenport Waverly Schools
No More Couch Potatoes: Integrate video games into the PE Curriculum$214

Mr. Chris Pultz – Lincoln Public Schools
Google Apps for Educators

Learning 2.0 Open Time For Technology Exploration in the Technology “Playroom”

Dan Senstock – Apple Computer
Digital Media Skills for the "Creative Economy"

Randy Vlasin – Future Force Nebraska
FutureForce Nebraska -Supporting Nebraska's 21st Century Workforce

Dr. Lynnette Leonard and Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz – University of Nebraska At Omaha
Real Life Education in the Virtual World of Second Life

Erika Volker – Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Education and Workforce Management

Learning 2.0 Open Time For Technology Exploration in the Technology “Playroom”

Breakout Session #4

Bill Daughtridge – Millard Public Schools
International Baccalaureate Program

Robin Davis, Marlo Tomich, Mary D’Angelo Westside Community Schools
Enhancing learning with Podcasting collaboration

Lisa Dale, Todd Lemense, Lori Shea, and Peggy R. Pavlik – Benson High School - OPS
Technology Infusion in Project Based Learning

Donna Helvering – Millard Public Schools
AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

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